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Despite GAM and CM give reverse views along the relationship tween violent video recording games and aggression some of the two models imply the same idea that hostility cannot bespaced from internal and external factors While emphasizing on veto personal effects of violent video the sexy games games along adolescents behavior the GAM uses intramural factors to explain the influencing mechanism including fast-growing beliefs aggressive behavior scripts and fast-growing personality Bushman and Anderson 2002 Anderson and Carnagey 2014 Although the CM considers that thither is nobelium substantial relation between intense video games and aggression IT likewise acknowledges the role of external factors such as violent video games and family violence Thus these two models look to becontradictory but in fact they reveal the mechanics of aggression from different points of catch It wish bemore helpful to explore the set up of wild video games along aggression from the position of combination of internal and external factors

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