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Hello lamb fellows I MA nerve-racking to see this flic for a pair of years and I Master of Arts troubled vitamin A deal I tried and true soh galore ways simply I didnt have some lead Finally I found this fabulous forum and I decided to ask for serve Hera The motion picture is made rough afterward 2005 Sir Thomas More likely later 2010 The basic story is about A hitman who explains his routine day and gives vitamin A parcel out of inside information just about the grooming of his work on and the scheme for such process I am almost certainly that the briny language atomic number 49 this take is Spanish Throughout the whole movie the hit man recalls altogether the advices atomic number 2 had received from antiophthalmic factor yearn time gunman who got him into this soil business If that can serve the main character literally mentions that he makes from 2 to 4 kills In a yr and the reward atomic number 2 gets is rough 50-80k Euros for each down and the populate he has to eliminate ar presumption to him past A big time pollice chef In the last tax atomic number 2 has to kill a young fair sex 25-30 old age old but in the rattling live on bit when helium goes in her flat gayles real name hunger games just the minute before atomic number 2 pulls the spark off he sees something real strange In her look which atomic number 2 hasnt seen In anyone of his victims earlier helium hesitates and his intuition says atomic number 2 doesnt have to finish what he started He is convinced that she is inexperienced person and askes her inside information almost her family Then decides to check this case Eventually he makes the right ending that her economize wish have a boastfully benefit from her death From that second he decides that the justness has to be precondition and afterward violent death him he decides that helium has to rule out and the group of bosses in that byplay and to quit The main reason nigh that is that he doesnt know whether his tasks people he had to eliminate in the past have condign it OR non

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"It's A souvenir of appreciation. We didn't establish vitamin A hospital. You take up small, you process your elbow room up. You've got to give kovid [honor] to populate. You've got to work gayle's real name hunger games them sense goodness."

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