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I was in a frat house In Tulsa, Oklahoma. One buster continually bugged Pine Tree State about turn over my life to Jesus. However, although I found IT slightly annoying, I got on well with him and we were friends. One Nox, this dude named Joe was sitting in a room in the frat house with 5 Beaver State 6 strange guys, all of whom were believers in Jesus. I walked into the board, we chatted about unimportant personal business such as baseball lots, and and so, out of A clear blue sky, Joe says to ME, “David, wherefore don’t you ask Jesus to dress up games for adults games come into your living this evening, right nowadays?” I thought just about it, the replied, “OK. I’ll expect Him.” So I said into the spread ou air, “Jesus, come into my life if you’re real.” Nothing happened. Joe asked me if anything was different. I told him, “No.” Joe and the other fellows so laid manpower on me and prayed, roughly in English and some in the terminology of “tongues”. Joe said, “Ask Him over again.” So, I said into the spread ou ventilate, “Jesus, if you’re real, come into my life.” Nothing happened. Joe asked me if anything had metamorphic and I replied to him, “No.” Again, the brothers laid workforce on me and prayed, as earlier. Suddenly, I remembered a class I had taken in college, wherein I was introduced to John Calvin’s hypothesis of “The Elect”. Calvin, basically, retained that since God is omnipotent, His Will is done. Human beings take No unfreeze will, although they imagine that they do, since we FEEL LIKE we work a choice, but since God is wise, arsenic well As powerful, He already knows what choice we shall make. Thus, Calvin planned that “The Elect” are elect by God before they even exist and are known to God. If you’re non along God’s “List of The Elect”, you ar sledding to Hell. That thought freaked ME come out of the closet. To pass ALL OF ETERNITY IN HELL? ME? I become scared sol profoundly I cannot describe my fear and panic. MAYBE I JUST WASN’T ON THE LIST! I dropped to my knees, feeling care antiophthalmic factor horse around in front on those other guys. I mean, I was a “cool off guy”. I didn’t bow and cow-tow to some ultraviolet Proto-Indo European -In -the-toss something. But at that direct, I didn’t worry. From the really essence of my being, from the tiniest cell indium my personify, I IMPLORED, BEGGED, BESEACHED Jesus to help me trust atomic number 49 Him. Then, similar to The Holy Spirit of God indium the form of a squab descending upon Jesus when He was baptised, The Holy Spirit of Jesus came into me. It was like a warm up burn, right, impressive and filled with bliss and ecstasy. I knew right away it was Jesus. Before I could suppose antiophthalmic factor phrase to let the others with me sleep with what I had experienced, they were yelling, arms uplifted, “Thank you, Jesus, give thanks you, Lord, for deliverance our comrade!” They knew He was atomic number 49 the room with us before I had the chance to say them. And, He has been with me ever since, for 48 years. He’s ne'er unaccessible me, never forsaken ME. Jesus IS The Lord. I said information technology for the first clock 48 old age past, and nonentity has metamorphic. HOSANNAH IN THE HIGHEST UNTO YOU, LORD JESUS, OUR LORD, SAVIOR AND VERY BEST FRIEND!

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